Sunday, 1 July 2007

Strategic moves

Pictured here, 5-year-old Lucy loves watching her favourite Avril Lavigne videos on YouTube and uses the search engine effectively to do this - perfect spelling not needed, as YouTube conveniently asks her, 'Did you mean 'Avril Lavigne'?'! I am interested in the strategies young children use to find information on the web or locate their favourite sites when they are not yet fluent readers and writers. For example, in one study I did, a parent told me that her child was able to use the computer independently because the child had memorised the icon for Internet Explorer and then, once online, went to the 'Favourites' menu to find the 'CBeebies' site, having memorised that word without being able to decode it phoneme-by-phoneme. If only the Rose Review had recognised the varied reading strategies that many young children use!


DrJoolz said...

and I misspell stuff all the time too. So clever that google does that 'did you mean?' thing.

You can even add the 'did you mean' facility into your own site.
See here

Jackie Marsh said...

Oh, you are so clever, you know about everything! :) Why would you ever want to search your own site, though???

Anonymous said...

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