Sunday, 14 October 2007

Copyright confusion

Copyright laws are confusing for many educators and academics, as this report, 'The cost of copyright confusion for media literacy' outlines. I myself am not entirely comfortable about sharing presentations online just in case I am in some breach of copyright through my use of images from websites. I am making an exception this week for folks at the University of Birmingham (thanks for a very interesting discussion at the seminar!). I posted my slides from the presentation here for a few weeks, but have now taken them down until I can check the copyright issues.


Guy Merchant said...

Lawrence Lessig's the best on the issue of copyright. In 2001 he predicted the mess we're now in - "In the name of protecting original copyright holders against a loss of income they never expected, we have established a regime where the future will be as the copyright industry permits." That's in The Future of Ideas.

Jackie Marsh said...

Thanks for that, Guy. It is certainly confusing. And I am not sure my ostrich-like behaviour is the best response!