Sunday, 25 November 2007

Moving image education

The BFI conference on Friday was very successful and there were some wonderful presentations by teachers who had been involved in the BFI 'Lead Practitioners' Project on Moving Image Education. This was a project in which schools developed units of work based on films, most of them using the excellent resources produced by the BFI. I will be posting details of how you can access the full evaluation report shortly. In the meantime, for those teachers I met on Friday who were interested in our online MA in New Literacies course, in which we explore the use of film in classrooms in addition to lots of other exciting new literacy practices, further details can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your presentation and the feedback at the BFI. Very interesting and thought provoking. Could you post your presentation from the day so I can feedback to the staff here?

Jackie Marsh said...
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Jackie Marsh said...

Hi again cb, I don't think that worked, if you email me I can send you the pdf -