Thursday, 10 January 2008

D-I-Y television

On the theme of user-generated content again, it is noticeable that there are now opportunities for the general public in the UK to upload videos which may then appear on television. For example, Sky News have begun to air selected videos made and uploaded by viewers onto Skycast. Satellite and cable viewers are able to get Bedroom TV, a channel that shows lip-synch-to-fave-songs videos made at home (Channel 376 on Sky if you haven''t seen it - there are some hilarious videos uploaded, of course). At the moment only short films are shown, but it is nice to imagine that one day we will be able to watch longer home-made texts on television, such as documentaries made by a particular group about a specific issue of which they have experience and insight. Even better would be a channel devoted to showing films made by children...come on, BBC, what are you waiting for?!

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