Thursday, 28 February 2008

Threading voices

Well, I did buy a Nintendo Wii (see last post) but found that, unfortunately, it gave me motion sickness! How sad. Not surprising though, as I get travel sick on the shortest journeys. I even feel travel sick on the London Eye. This is good for the rest of the family, however, as there is now one less person competing for the 'nunchuck' (where did they think that name up?). So it was just as well that I have started another project with Peter Winter, a wonderful teacher at Monteney Primary School, as it will take my mind off my Wii troubles. We are working on a project with Year 2 children (aged six and seven) using Google Earth and a wonderful web tool, Voicethread. I love Voicethread and when I get a chance I am going to create Voicethreads of my own instead of just working with children as they create theirs - maybe I will call it 'Nintendo Wii Blues...'

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