Friday, 13 June 2008

Don't panic!

I am speaking at the Media Education Association's conference tomorrow, details of which can be found here. It looks as if it will be a very interesting conference and I am looking forward to it. Don't you just love the poster with the ipod toddler?! I am posting my slides for a few days so those attendees who are interested in downloading them can do so here.


Martin said...

Hi Jackie
Just to reiterate what I briefly managed to say to you - your presentation was the most interesting part of a conference which in itself was interesting. As someone who is predominantly involved with 11-19 sector, it is always fascinating to hear news from the "cutting edge" - Early Years. My wife is a Reading Recovery tutor so I long ago realised that virtually all interesting developments in pedagogy eminate from primary and peter out by the time they filter down to Higher Ed!

I hope we meet again. Very many thanks

Martin Phillips

Jackie Marsh said...

Hi Martin, thanks for the kind words, I am glad you found my talk of interest. I thought the conference was great and will promote next year's to early years and primary teachers - maybe you could bring your wife along too!