Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Social gaming

Another useful report has been published by Pew Internet and American Life, this time on young people’s use of computer games. It contains some interesting statistics that rebuke the usual hype about children, gaming and social isolation. Instead, we find that only 24% of teens in the survey reported playing games alone and the rest play games with others at least some of the time. 65% reported playing games with other people who are in the room with them. I have found this in my research on young children’s use of virtual worlds – many of the children I interviewed reported playing in ‘Club Penguin’ with their siblings, either in the same room or in a nearby room in the same house. Maybe we are getting sufficient data now from across a number of projects to ensure that media reports will be a little more balanced in the future? Unfortunately, I guess it isn't that easy...but certainly today's report should get wide coverage.


Anonymous said...

i think no one should play video games cuz if you play video games you would rather play video games than go to the odysee in Memphis,Tn.

Anonymous said...

What so special about Odyssey in Memphis? Video games are not bad and I think are a good form of entertainment. Essentially, your argument says

"I think people should do 'X' because it will prevent them from doing 'X'"

However, wouldnt that be the same for ALL entertainment? I find that whether its games, a movie, or even a book, taking my time to watch or play or read it takes my time from doing other meaningless tasks. I'd rather learn something from playing a game (yes, you do learn things from playing games, most of the time, actually)then do some meaningless chore or sit around all day or go to Memphis. I'm just saying that that is a foolish reason to not like or dissmiss video games.

Anonymous said...

In my quote, what I meant to say was

"People should not do 'X' because it will prevent them from doing 'X'"

Kiara said...

Playing games isn't a sin! I discern this as one way of socializing with people. Ever known that a boy was talking about the Download Games he has been playing to a boy in the park? Benefits that can be gotten in playing video games varies, depending on the games of course. As adults, try to choose the best games that are suited to the kids and there will be no problems at all.

Anonymous said...

video games are awesumme!!!!!