Saturday, 29 November 2008

Virtual world links

Thanks to Joanne Larson for the link to this overview of the most amazing interactive interface, g-speak. I can't wait until that technology becomes affordable for schools! In the meantime, there's lots to think about in terms of the educational implications of virtual worlds. I was interviewed by DK of MediaSnackers this week about my 'Club Penguin' research and found out about his excellent website that contains interesting podcasts on virtual worlds, amongst other issues - the link is here. The podcasts have been recorded for RezEd, a community of educationalists interested in virtual worlds. Check out their site, lots of interesting stuff on it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Barry Joseph here, from Global Kids, the publisher of We wanted to thank you for offering your time to be featured in this week's featured podcast. It was outstanding.
Barry Joseph

Anonymous said...

Dear Jackie,

Lena from Ohio! How are you?? :-)

Wow... this IS truly amazing!!! Thank you for this great information.

Have a nice day and talk to you soon!

Jackie Marsh said...

Hi Barry, thanks for invitation, I enjoyed doing the podcast - and I love the work that you do with Global Kids! Hey Lena, how are you, maybe catch up with you at AERA next year?

JumpStart said...

I would like to introduce you to Knowledge Adventure, the leader in adventure-based 3D virtual worlds for 3-to-10 year old kids. With our JumpStart and Math Blaster products, kids learn through endless gaming adventures in 3D virtual worlds. By blending learning (designed using multiple intelligences) and entertainment, Knowledge Adventure’s adventure-based learning inspires kids’ minds through immersed play. For more than 15-years, Knowledge Adventure has set the standard in kid’s software by creating the finest educational products for use in the home and the classroom.

We have recently established parent communities on MySpace and Facebook, began publishing the JumpStart Times, a monthly newsletter that explores topics of interest to parents, and, within the next 60-days, we will be launching a JumpStart Times blog that will include guest contributors writing on a variety of topics important to parents.

On December 1st, Knowledge Adventure launched its highly anticipated JumpStart virtual world online. We invite you to go to and experience the first immersive 3D virtual world for kids.

DK said...

Was great to meet and interview you :-)

MediaSnackers Founder