Wednesday, 15 April 2009

AERA update

Haven't had time to blog as have been attending the AERA conference in San Diego. Was very excited at the conference exhibition to be able to buy Julia and Guy's book, pictured here, which has just been released. I have been to a range of excellent presentations, including one given by Karen Wohlwend in which she talked about how young children, when situated in classrooms without access to new technologies, invent their own devices by drawing them on paper. So she talked about how one boy drew and then cut out a representation of a flip-top mobile phone on paper, which he carried about in his pocket when not using it to make pretend phonecalls. Fabulous work which serves to reinforce just how significant technology is in the lives of young learners. And early years classrooms without computers are just light years away from what is going on in the rest of the world - look, for instance, at the developments in fluid interfaces. I look forward to hearing about the educational applications of that technology at future AERA conferences!

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