Thursday, 7 May 2009

Glogging games

It is obviously a week for finding really good Web 2.0 applications which shout 'use me with 5 year olds!' Thanks to Peter Winter at Monteney Primary School for telling me about 'Glogster', which looks excellent. We are about to start a project there, mentioned in my previous post, in which children will be researching their own playground rhymes and games and tracing media influences and so I can see that making posters on the subject using Glogster would be a really good extension of the work. I just introduced the project in a Key Stage 2 assembly along with the researcher on the project, Julia Bishop, and the children are so excited. So am I, and I have spent the last few weeks thinking about the playground rhymes and games I used to sing/ play. The video below was filmed around my era - I loved 'The big ship sails...' but I don't remember being as orderly about it as the children here!


Mary Plain said...

that video took me right back to my own schooldays, a little bit later than the film but the same games and the same clothes

Jackie Marsh said...

yes, scary isn't it?!