Thursday, 13 March 2008

Tracking practice

Having had a terrible day with trains yesterday getting to this interesting seminar, I nearly didn't get here in time for a seminar I was presenting at today because of signals, or whatever lame excuse the train company gave. Luckily I did, because we had an excellent discussion about Web 2.0 and pedagogies. There is some very interesting work being undertaken at the Warwick research centre on pre-service teachers and their use of ICT, with assumptions that are often made about the way in which 'digital insiders' might approach pedagogy as teachers themselves being challenged by the research team. This is also the theme of Lynda Graham's thoughtful paper on the issue. It reinforces the fact that everyone's experiences of teaching are dependent upon a complex range of factors that intersect in relation to their own digital histories, subject knowledge and beliefs and that dynamic out and it might look a little like the tracks and signals of the Midlands railway system!

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