Thursday, 6 March 2008

UKLA website

I have been working with Nikki Gamble and Liz Chamberlain for the last few months on the new UKLA website, which has been launched today! We are really pleased with it and are delighted with the excellent work that Bellamy Studio has done on developing the site. There are bound to be teething problems, so if you notice anything that needs amending, do use the 'contact us' section of the site to let us know. We hope to develop the site further over the forthcoming months so that additional features for UKLA members are added. Again, any ideas for features/ links you would like to see added, let us have them. In the meantime, do visit the site and look around!

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Guy Merchant said...

OMG! Just realised that's me, hiding behind my blue Toshiba Satellite on Steade Road (in the photo).