Friday, 4 July 2008

Children and virtual worlds

The interest in virtual worlds continues to grow. The Journal of Virtual Worlds has been launched and the first issue can be found here. On this site there is an interview with Gauntlett and Jackson on their study on Adventure Rock. And here there is a report on research that illuminates how some children are operating in virtual worlds. I certainly found some children in my current study reporting on scams they carried out in Habbo Hotel, and I do think that the anonymity of the world meant that children who might not otherwise have done so joined in with the scams. However, there was also supportive/ collaborative behaviour reported by the children, which seems to become sidelined in articles like this. Meanwhile, Guy has started to compile a list of virtual worlds for children. To this we can add: Bin Weevils, Zwinky, and Handipoints, in which children earn in-world credit by doing out-of-world chores and homework - mmm, wonder how popular that is?


Izzy Neis said...


I thought you might enjoy these lists of youth communities & youth virtual worlds - I've stayed away from virtual worlds that are for the 13+ demographic.


Jackie Marsh said...

Hi Izzy, thanks for that. Rosie Kerin of UNISA also sent me this link, which shows about 90 worlds complete or in development: