Sunday, 18 January 2009

Girl Ambition

I noted with interest the launch of a new social networking site aimed at girls aged 7-12, titled Girl Ambition. It was formed by three parents keen to provide a safe space for their children to engage in online activity and develop a site that challenges the traditional, stereotyped discourses about girlhood that circulate the internet. Whilst there is certainly a need for sites such as this that aim to develop girls’ self-esteem, I feel that it is unfortunate that the site looks so retro. It is hard to compete with the designs of commercial sites, given the marketing budgets they enjoy, but nonetheless a more up-to-date design would attract more users. I can’t help feeling that the site will appeal to a certain demographic and miss an opportunity to speak to a wide, diverse audience. I hope I am wrong and will be monitoring the site’s development. In the meantime, if anyone has had an opportunity to review the content of the site, do post your comments (or link to your review) here.


Anonymous said...

I think this site's look is really neat, it's so different from most of the other flat kids sites I see out there, it's really colorful & unique in my view.

Jackie Marsh said...

OK, I accept that we each have our own preferences and so some users may be attracted to this site in ways that I wasn't. Have you had a chance to look at the site - if so, what is your opinion of what it enables users to do?

DrJoolz said...

I only looked at the top level ... did not sign in for a trial or anything... but first impressions is that it seems very pink, very quaint and very stereotypically girlie. I am not against that kind of thing but think that this is more a 'spice girls' girlpower' type of take on feminist approaches to education.

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If you are looking to get a new timepiece you must get a look at Omega Constellation watches. Omega has been within the view internet business due to the fact 1848 and makes highly large quality timepieces that last buyers for many many years. There are plenty of factors why Omega has become among the many major view makers for several years.

Motivated by its pioneering spirit, Omega has hit a few milestones inside the corporation. They were the initial business to create the watches exclusively for divers in addition to the worlds only licensed marine chronometer watch. Omega has acquired a popularity for large quality and precision that not a large number of vendors can simply match. These are thought of by loads of the leader in sports timekeeping for several exceptionally good good reasons.

Omega Constellation watches are readily on the market for both men and females. These trendy watches really are a must have for virtually any wardrobe or personalized type. This brand of watches was launched in 1982 and was well-known for the dramatic and enduring design and style idea. This assortment was especially fashionable which is why they still produce it to this day.

The first timepiece launched while in the Omega Constellation watches variety was generally known as the Constellation Manhattan. What produced this timepiece right away acknowledged was that it put to use griffes, or claws, that have considering turned out to become the defining search of this view. The current line of Omega Constellation watches appear quite a bit such as the ancestors that preceded them in days prior to.

From the new assortment of Omega Constellation watches they utilize the star positioned at the 6 o'clock position. Furthermore, it features a significantly more polished and modernized version of the claws. The bracelets were redesigned for a a whole lot more comfortable fit and nonetheless have the horizontal bars just because the timepieces that came before .

Some features that the new Constellation watches feature are some aesthetically striking dials which can be found in many different numerous metals and colors. The dials hands offer you a variety of choices also. All of those watches are depth resistant to around a hundred meters.

With Omega Constellation watches you will find seemingly limitless possibilities for each ladies and men. There exists a variety of designs, components, dials along with the choice to have diamonds on the observe. These timepieces are not just sporty but they are stylish at the same time. There's no less than one new Constellation view from the product or service line that is certainly suited to every wrist.

At Omega there may be a firm belief in continuing with all the tradition of superior. That is certainly precisely what they do with each view that they make. Omega is one of the most recognized manufacturers inside the planet because of the exclusive benefits that they include to their line of watches. They invariably develop their watches using the most excellent high-quality elements, which is why they've created up this kind of a strong reputation for producing high-quality watches.

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Valuable Watches In History

There are plenty of various designs of gents watches on the market right now. In this post we will be reviewing a number of numerous ones that have a rich historical past from the view globe. The watches that we are going to be referring to are Michel Jordi watches, Omega watches, Harry Winston watches, plus the ever renowned Rolex observe.

Michel Jordi watches would be the first ones that we are going to be speaking about presently. The main reason that Michel Jordi is in this post is on account of his contribution of your twist lock process on the observe globe. Back in 2004 he produced the primary ever twist lock on the watch that permitted for two faces on the single observe.

The following observe or chronometer that we're going to be speaking about certainly is the Omega watch. The Omega view brand has been all over seeing that 1848, though it did not achieve worldwide popularity until finally it was elected the official time piece of the 1931 Los Angeles Olympic Games. While its real claim to fame is it is the view that the astronauts worn for the moon.

Harry Winston watches is our up coming topic of discussion in today's document. These watches produced an effect on watch producing history when their "Opus V" series grew to become famous for being hand crafted and exactly timed by now famous watchmakers FP Journe and Greubel-Forsey et al. These watches sell for all-around two hundred and fifty thousand bucks.

Rolex Watch Agency is our final edition for the watches which have created a historical effect list. This company which was to start with identified as Hans Wilsdorf and W Davis following their founders Hans Wilsdorf and W Davis was modified to Rolex 3 years just after opening in 1905. This observe is effortlessly probably the most acknowledged higher finish observe on this planet, thanks partly for the reality that this agency generated the first genuine underwater observe known as the "Oyster", the primary automatic date view known as the "Date just", plus the fist dive watch named the "submariner".

The Rolex, Omega, Harry Winston and Michel Jordi are just several of the essential players in wrist view historical past. You will find tons and tons of other watches and watchmakers which have all played critical roles in history this was only a short overview of a lot of the even more well-known ones.

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Seamaster Watches Can be a Superb Present

You will see very couple of wrist watches that are really correct in preserving time and world renowned. Omega Seamaster watches may very well be noticed anywhere and on everyone, it signifies a broad array of performance and style and design. This distinct observe has become in production given that 1848 and continues to tick and give eloquent merchandise for just about all observe fanatic.

Louis Brandt formed a ongoing tradition to the Swiss time maker; he manufactured the Omega Seamaster watches. Right after near to thirty many years of manufacturing the youthful 23 yr previous company man passed away and his two sons took more than the assembly line and put the emphasis back to the production. Basically right away the successes that the wrist view is known for overcame significant milestones in time maintaining functionality. It's attained precisely what the organization is preferred known for with over one hundred and fifty years of substantial standards.

Speaking on the timepieces and its high standards, Omega possesses a great portfolio of technological innovation not only in time trying to keep precision but additionally in design. For starters, they've got the co-axle escapement which is produced only in household and exclusively made for his or her wrist watches. The engineering began twenty many years previously and when it was perfected it had been supplied publicly.

Once the engineering of your watch was mastered the line of watches was put into manufacturing. Omega Seamaster watches wherever crafted completely in house which aided it develop a popularity for itself using a special and unique caliber's. Shifting all 202 moving components to in-house production which was a step that fully altered the line of wrist watches and once once again positioned the organisation amongst another Swiss watch organisations mentioned for top rated high-quality watches and production flawlessness.

Aided by the concentration on superior top notch for Omega Seamaster watches the term escapement was coined. Together with the start off on the co-axial product or service it's the opportunity to maintain Omega recognized for its higher regard and even innovation within style limits to correspond with functionality.

As a result of its commitment to style and excellent the timepieces as well as organisation have grown to be popular for his or her watch patterns. Most not long ago created alongside the calibre watches may be the liquid metal finish which gives the watches timelessness in attractiveness. Mixed this with amazing hardness that minimizes damage to the timepiece it will need to manage to preserve all integrity that it is recognized for.

So far as the design practice itself, the manufacturing line undergoes one or two procedures to ensure that time keeping abilities and aesthetics are both taken under consideration. The process starts with the drawing phase then onto casting, accompanied by prototyping after which manufacturing within the last product or service. Following that each merchandise goes as a result of management and markets for approval and that is a common that at first commenced in 1848.

Omega Seamaster watches have grown to become synonymous with type, elegance, precision and style and design. The firm started which has a single man functioning on his perfectionist recommendations and right after that it's produced as time passes because the mainstay theory for your trustworthiness in the watches. Because of this these Omega watches have grown to be globe renowned and known for innovation and design.

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Omega Replica Watches are superb, unusual treasures that anybody can are proud of

It's Gem motion(superior quality chinese motion), we are capable to refer to it as high-quality motion manufacturing in china,because it is functioning wonderful and amazingly qualified.(it developed by guang zhou Gem observe factory) 4, it truly is quarta motion movement,the quarta motion is imported from Japan,much like motion of citizen and seiko.the designs consist of OS10(chrono),OS20(chrono),quarta motion only 5,basic automatic motion: also from China, yet the relatively lower good quality.

if you're ready to find out the main difference of 5 grades actions,i believe you will get high quality replicas watches possessing a logical cost.:) **this in fact is to start with piece of writing for shared my connection with shopping replicas watches on the web,the 2nd post,i we describe how to locate a improved problem and dial of replicas watches.please awaiting our information.......

Omega Replica Watches are marvelous, uncommon treasures that anybody can are proud of. Omega Replica Watches are superbly embroidered with wonderful models, and yet they quite often hold the same or increased quality every single watches. If you're just yearning with an elaborate - but uncommon - Omega Replica Watches, here are some sound information. Let us discover what kinds of Replica Omega Watches may very well be located and just learn how to come across the greatest for you personally.

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On the lookout Soon after Your Omega And Michele Watches

Numerous enjoy to gather high-end timepieces much like Michele or Omega watches. These pieces are top quality pieces that stand the check of time, that's why a variety of much more most people elect to acquire this kind of products. Should preferably you be a collector of issues like Michele watches, without doubt you'd like your pieces to appear their preferred all of the time. Though these sorts of watches will final lots of many years, they could not look as amazing as they did once you bought them. Because of this you should know care for your very very own investment timepieces.

What tends to make pieces like Michele or Omega watches particular certainly is the high quality of products applied in building them. The majority of these watches use scratch-resistant mineral crystal casing, with more information such as gold frames and diamond studs added for the piece. Although all of those materials are trendy for sturdiness around they may be as a result of their luxury, they may nevertheless appear worn-out easily with incorrect use and care. Fortunate for you personally, you will not need to have anything extraordinary to keep your pieces - only a number of simple products to clean up your collection.

Prior to starting up the cleansing technique, be certain your watches are water-resistant. You can expect to discover markings about the view indicating how much water pressure it may possibly consider. Michele watches may well take about 5 ATM or even the equivalent water pressure at 165 feet underwater, while Omega pieces may possibly get on the particularly least double this pressure. Not all watches are water-resistant so ensure to examine the back of one's observe for an inscription.

Get sponges or even a soft lint-free cloth. Sponges could lead to scratches in situation you are not too cautious, so building utilization of lint-free cloth is your smartest decision. Place your watches on the cloth encounter up and cover or get off the wrist band of your observe in case this is a leather band. If it can be not a leather band, or any material that might endure harm from publicity to water, you might want to leave it on for cleansing too.

Get your glass cleaner of preference and apply it to the encounter of your observe. Let it soak there for awhile because the glass cleaning agent does the work to suit your needs. It's going to lift up filth particles not to mention other deposits in order to make brushing it much easier later on. Meanwhile, get an outdated soft brush and spray it with glass cleansing agent as well. Appropriate soon after letting the cleaner loosen the filth over the crystals for a few minutes, brush it gently with the soft toothbrush till you finish getting rid of every one of the impurities.

Just after brushing, consider your observe and area it below flowing water for only a minute to rinse off the glass cleaner. In case your view is not waterproof, wipe it utilizing a moist cloth to take off the formula. Lay it perfect down to dry, polish it, and place the strap back on for those who eliminated it. Make certain you do that repeateadly every couple of weeks to assist always keep your timepieces.

Your high-end watches will seem effective as new every time you clean it. One of the rewards is you do not really have to spend significantly on maintenance. That has a few essential things you can expect to get within the residence, it's possible you'll make these investment pieces seem new as long as they last.

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Omega Watches is fast obtainable to any person

Omega Watches happen to be a standing picture for over a hundred a long time. Full of ardent ambition, Jules Audemars and Edward Omega started the view enterprise in 1875. The corporation was straight away thriving and it has looking at that come to become popular for getting one particular unique of best rated producers of massive finish watches in every one of the globe. Synonymous with opulence and class, the Omega firm is accountable for really a handful of floor breaking achievements which contains producing the world's littlest minute repeater view along with the relatively to start with luxurious sports activities routines observe which launched within the 1970s.

Greater than genuinely, Omega Watches are obvious all over the area, from television to magazines. Celebrities have considerably popularized Omega Watches with younger generations by flaunting and singing in regards on the watches within their paperwork. Omega Watches can also be observed at red carpet actions exactly where the organization sponsors distinct Hollywood award exhibits and charities. Omega watches have also been producing a whole whole lot of press more than their 2012 assortment. Omega??s 2012 assortment includes the Millenary Chronograph Observe Assortment for each males and females. The gathering is rich with specifics resembling the Roman Period. With its distinctive attributes of Roman numerals, oval types, leather straps, as well as the selection of pink, yellow or white gold cases, the gathering won't disappoint. Currently quite well-liked with observe collectors and fanatics, Omega??s 2012 assortment proceeds the organisation??s reputation for distinction, design, and elegance.

Therefore of its immense track record, Omega Watches are some of the most pricey. A significant quantity of will shell out a big amount of bucks just to don an Omega See. It may be feasible, but, to obtain pleasure from the magnificence and style and design of an Omega at a fraction through the rate by finding a discount observe as an alternative. Very good outstanding replicas are just as magnificent as the distinctive but cater in the direction of the intelligent purchaser who is far more choosy about investing their funds. This consumer normally desires the greatest wonderful excellent coupled implementing the finest worth. Now, Low-priced Omega Watches are substantial on the internet. By way of on line retailers people can preserve time and funds concurrently as steer clear of the literally irritating solution revenue pitch. To not level out the pretentious income people working in the huge number of substantial finish shops. In distinct, our by means of the net retailer ensures people the perfect awesome Omega replicas supplied anyplace. Our via the web retail outlet also gives you users comfortably and safety for his or her online world transaction, so now the elegance and variety supplied by.

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